Why is my prepaid token not working?

Why is my prepaid token not working?

  1. When your meter number is wrong, it becomes impossible to load tokens on the meter. 

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    • Can I load the token I purchased on another prepaid meter?

      The token is generated and encrypted using the unique ID of the meter. This is to ensure that the token generated can only be used by the specific meter. 
    • What do I do when your prepaid meter is not working?

      Unplug the keypad and plug it into a different power outlet socket that is closer to the main distribution board.  Unplug all the appliances near the keypad.  Systematically disconnect other household appliances that are plugged in and switch on and ...
    • How long does it take before my token expires?

      Validity period for a token is 3 months. However, Meters with series 021, 01011 have to load the first token generated before loading another token. 
    • Why did my meter reject the token?

      This could happen as a result of the following reasons: The purchase was for the wrong meter number. Kindly confirm you are loading the token on the right meter. The meter has not yet been activated- An activation code will be required from the ...
    • I can’t load my token?

      Here is a standard process you can follow: Ensure there is power supply in your area; Confirm the phase you are on has power supply; Put off generators and inverters and change over to power supply; Key in the numbers you received as token and Click ...