I bought for a wrong meter number.

I bought for a wrong meter number.

  1. A token is generated and encrypted using the unique ID of the prepaid meter number. This is to ensure that token generated can only be used by the specific meter number it was vended on. You can only load the token digits for the meter number you purchased for. Hence, please confirm your meter number before going ahead to vend. Kindly contact our 24-hour support team on +234 807 277 0999 or send us an email at support@myefactory.com. for resolution of this issue. 

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    • Why did my meter reject the token?

      This could happen as a result of the following reasons: The purchase was for the wrong meter number. Kindly confirm you are loading the token on the right meter. The meter has not yet been activated- An activation code will be required from the ...
    • I want to edit the name on my meter number.

      The name and address displayed is same one registered on the distribution company’s system. Kindly visit the nearest electricity distribution company office to edit this information on your meter. 
    • Why is my meter on Tamper Mode?

      Tamper mode is a situation where the prepaid meter is on yet unable to supply current/power to the customer’s premises. This might be caused by the following reasons: Wrong connections.  Worn out wires.  Attempting to hack the meter  Faulty meter  ...
    • Why is my prepaid token not working?

      When your meter number is wrong, it becomes impossible to load tokens on the meter. 
    • The number of units I got was lesser than expected.

      There is a possibility a debt has been migrated on your meter, kindly check your token details for any debt deductions. If the previous payment was inclusive of free units. Kindly check your token details. It could also mean your tariff plan index ...