How many electricity distribution companies are in Nigeria?

How many electricity distribution companies are in Nigeria?

  1. There are 11 Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) in Nigeria. 

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      How to login into my account I can’t load my token? What is a DisCo? Why did my meter reject the token? Can I load the token I purchased on another prepaid meter? I was debited for a failed transaction How long does it take before my token expires? ...
    • What is a DisCo?

      An Electric Distribution Company (DisCo) is a company licensed to distribute electricity to homes and businesses of their customers. 
    • How much do I pay for electricity?

      The lowest amount you can recharge is #1,000 the maximum has no limit  
    • I want to edit the name on my meter number.

      The name and address displayed is same one registered on the distribution company’s system. Kindly visit the nearest electricity distribution company office to edit this information on your meter. 
    • Why is my prepaid meter blocked?

      It happens occasionally that a pre-paid electricity meter is “Blocked by Credit Control” due to arrears Rates or the Account Payment was made after the due date.