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What We Offer

We use technology to solve common and basic energy problems with special focus on customer satisfaction. Over the years, our experience in end user power management solution transformed how end users manage their electricity usage.

Some of Our Features

  • Request Meter 
  • Add a Meter
  • Request Utility Bill
  • Estate Metering
  • Unit Calculator
  • Auto Token Topup
  • 24/7 Customer Support

    • Popular Articles

    • Can I load the token I purchased on another prepaid meter?

      The token is generated and encrypted using the unique ID of the meter. This is to ensure that the token generated can only be used by the specific meter. 
    • How do I get a pre-paid meter?

      It couldn't be simpler to get a smart meter. You can book your free installation through your eFactory app. If you've got any questions, speak to one of our expert advisers in our online chat.  All you need to do is:  Answer a couple of quick ...
    • Why is my meter on Tamper Mode?

      Tamper mode is a situation where the prepaid meter is on yet unable to supply current/power to the customer’s premises. This might be caused by the following reasons: Wrong connections.  Worn out wires.  Attempting to hack the meter  Faulty meter  ...
    • FAQs

      How to login into my account I can’t load my token? What is a DisCo? Why did my meter reject the token? Can I load the token I purchased on another prepaid meter? I was debited for a failed transaction How long does it take before my token expires? ...
    • How to login into my account?

      Go to www.myefactory.com Enter your registered mobile number and password, then click on ‘login’. If you had used a device to purchase electricity at least once, your login details would have been saved and you won’t be required to login.  ​